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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How To Photocopy Back And Forth On Printer

Hi Guys, on this auspicious occasion, the admin come back again to share a post with the label "How To" with the title:

(to be applied to the printer Canon MP 237 or similar)

How to Photocopy on Printer? Here will be described more detail how to photocopy
back and forth ID card, driving license, ID Cards, Employee Cards, Student Card or the Similarly, the way is different from the common photocopy  to F4 or A4 sized documents such as diplomas and certificates.

Yes, to photograph the copy back and forth cards as above is required
more accuracy  and enough experience or frequency of trying. Because if being is not, then the result of a copy will be contiguous or overlapping and in essence that is failing. And what is the solution?

Maybe these ways below as the answer, besides to the other that more professional and educational. Okay, the following are the
ways to copy of ID card back and forth on printer:

1. Tur on printer by plugging the printer power cable to stop contact and then press the "POWER"
2. Open the lid (bonnet) at the top of the printer
3. Enter a blank paper (paper back-up)
4. Open a middle cover (hood scanner) on the printer
5. Put dawn ID card on the top left side, faced to the left, then copy (front side will be copied faced to down), and then close the hood to make the results are clean.
6. Press the "BLACK" to copy a black copy and press "COLOUR" to copy a color copy.
7. Wait for process. (For black copy just in seconds, but for color copy can be up to a few minutes)
8. Enter again (paper) of copy results with a blank page in the front position, and faced down (part of paper contains an existing of copy results included first)
9. Invert the ID card (the original ID card that is still in the printer to process a copy of the back side), and move its location on the lower left side, faced to the left, and copy it again.
10. Good Luck

That sharing of admin, may be helpful and success always be with us. Amen. Okay, see you in the future with the latest postings. Insha allah.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

How To Scan Document With Printer

Hi Guys, on this auspicious occasion, the admin re-share a post with the label "How To" with the title:

(to be applied on the printer Canon MP 237 or equivalent)

To scan documents are indispensable for us who want to send a copy of the complete data with the signature and seal via email or otherwise. It could also be required to send the scanned document of valuable files, such as family card, marriage certificate, ID card etc. to family or work colleagues who are far away.
With a scanning first, then the copy of the document will be formatted 'pdf', (it's can also be converted to other formats with the 'help' of other applications) that eventually can be sent via email.  

Okay. Caused the title of this post is about how to scan documents with Canon MP 237 printer, then just as the way we see the following:
1. Turn on the printer while plug in cable to electricity and pressing the "POWER"

2. Open the top lid of the printer

3. Insert a blank paper (paper backup)

4. Open the middle cover on the printer

5. Place the document to be scanned in the inverted position (the page will be scanned face down).

6. Click the icon 'scan a document' on the computer screen or laptop so scan selection window appears (if not, click start> all programs> Canon Utilities> scan utility)

7. Scan the document (click on the document to scan documents)

8. Wait for the process so that the folder window appears containing the results of the scan

9. The file is ready to be open

10. Done.

Now the scanned of the document pdf format was ready to be delivered. Then to scan a photo, look at point number 7 (click photo) to get the
good results .

That's sharing of admin with the title: how to scan documents. Okay, I hope this is helpfully. See you at another time. Insha Allah.



Friday, February 28, 2014

How To Diagnose The Printer

Hi guys, on this opportunity, the admin will share a post with label "How To" under the title:


This method is a follow up of how to install the printer as admin wrote on the previous post. This method is done to find out if there is a problem with a printer or to find out if the printer is actually connected to the laptop PC / computer or not. In addition, it must be done in a state of the printer is turning on and connected to the laptop / PC / computer.And if not, then the screen will display a message window that mean the printer can not be detected (the printer that supported by my printer can not be detected ....). The message window like this will appear automatically as a recommendation to Diagnose and Repair Printer (if the printer driver is installed before) even this is as a reminder to us who are being careless or forget to connect the printer to the laptop / PC / computer when going to print documents.

Okay, the following is a series of how to diagnose a printer;

1. Select Start

2. Select a program All

3. Select a printer brand

4. My Printer

5. Diagnose and printer repair

6. Next

7. Name and type of printer

8. Repair

9. Test the printer

10. Complete

If this method has been applied to the printer but it still can not printed a document, then do the way the numbers 1 to 4 and then select "setting" (writing is rather small, it is over Diagnose and Repair Printer) and match the type of printer type that will be diagnosed .That sharing of admin, may be helpful. And I'll see you at another time. Insha Allah.

How To Install Printer

Hi Guys , on this auspicious occasion , the admin re- share a post with label " How To " with the title :


Installing the printer is a tricky affair ; easy for someone who've done it and is still hard for the first try . Therefore, the admin share this post who knows any of readers in need. Okay , the following series of how to install the printer ;

1 . Connect the printer cable to the electrical contacts
2 . Connect the USB printer cable to the laptop / PC / computer
3 . Turn on the laptop / PC / computer
4 . Enter the CD / DVD / flash that contains the printer driver ( driver can be found in computer shops or on the internet via download way )
5 . Copy and paste the printer driver to a folder on the laptop ( preferably to a local disk c because the printer driver includes the program . While local disk D should be filled with the files other program )
6 . Open start ( show desktop shortcut or if the control panel icon has appeared on the desktop )
7 . Select the control panel
8 . Select hardware and sound
9 . Select add printer
10 . Select add local printer
11 . Choose Lpt : 1 ( printer port )
12 . Select the next
13 . Select have disk
14 . Select browse
15 . Open the folder that contains the printer driver before ( if the driver was not in the copy and paste , can now copy and paste )
16 . Select use the driver that is currently installed
17 . Select the next
18 . Wait for the install process is complete
19 . Test the printer
20 . Finish
21 . Test to print document
22 . Completed

Note :

If the printer can not print documents , trying to do diagnose printer .

That sharing of admin for you all , may be helpful . Okay , see you later. Insha Allah .

Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Refill Printer Ink

Hi Guys, on this auspicious occasion, admin re-share a post with label "How to" with the title:


For Canon printer  iP> 1200/1300/1600/1700/1800/2200/2770/3680/4670 / MP> 150/170/237/258/276/450/496/558 / MG> 2170/2270/3170 / MX > 377/437/517 / E> 500/600 that uses cartridges PG> 40/50/810/830 / CL> 41/51/98/741/811/821/831 and similar.

1. Lift the hood of the printer so the cartridges run to the middle.
2. Once the cartridge truly silent, remove the cartridge by pressing the edge of the container, pulling up or pushing it down (depending on the type of printer).
3. After successfully issued cartridges, must let loose the sticker.
4. Plugs and widen it's hole with a needle  /a default pin of ink refill  to allow the ink injection needle can be entered.
5. Fill cartridges with ink  ± 5 cc (± ¼ bottle of black ink) and color ink ± 3 cc (± ¹ / ะท bottle (if really empty cartridges and cartridge is similar to 810/CL PG 811).
6. Wipe the ink that may be splattered around the hole and head of cartridges with paper towels so that the print-out was good.
7. Insert the cartridge into place and close the cartridge so that the container is locked again.
8. Close the hood of the printer as in a normal state.
9. Done.

After that try to print a sheet of the document and see the results. If the results are good means for filling the ink is right and of course because of the condition of the printer that is also normal. But if it was the printed result less / not good, probably a printer due to  problem as follows;

Findings Problems
1. The print-out striped.
2. The print-out just like spotting (the letters are cut off).
3. The printer will not print and the yellow light is flashing.

1. To solve the number one problem, try to do "Cleaning" and so on. by the way> open a blank document or other one > click the Office Button (usually in the top left corner)> select Print> select Properties> select Maintenances > select Cleaning> select Execute> see the print-out is. If  it's still like before, try to "Deep Cleaning" ( below of Cleaning) and so on. If you still can not, try to clean it manually in case there is dirt / dust / ink cartridges trace especially around the sensor. If still can not, try to replace it with another cartridge.

2. To solve the second problem, try the cartridge head soaked into hot water for about 5 seconds (try to don't hit the sensor) , lift and dry it, then try installing again. If you still can not, try to pump the tank through the hole of cartridges refilling ink with empty bottles without injections needle . Then test ink the expenditure to paper towels and try to install it again. If it is still not ready, try the number one at last point way.

3. To solve the third problem, try to soak up spray cartridges into the hot water about 5 seconds (try to do not hit the sensor) , lift it and dry it, then try installing again. If it still does not, try to press the reset button for about 5 seconds and then undone and try again. If it still does not, try the number one at last point way.

That's sharing from admin for you, may be helpful. And to read and read sharing of admin with the title: how to diagnose printer, please click here. Okay, see you later. Insha Allah.

Friday, January 17, 2014

How To Print SMS From China Phone

Hi Guys , on this occasion , the admin re- share a post with the label " How To " with the title :


Do you ever think to document the important sms that you received from important person ?Do you ever think to document sms text it self which has important value for you ? Do you ever think to make a note on the phone and want to print it? Do you ever thought in mind to back up sms very unfortunate if deleted ?

If any of the questions above answered Yes , it would be nice if this simple post continues to be read may be it can answer the questions that had occurred earlier . But if all of these questions was answered No, then bring me word about this to those who happen to answer Yes too .Okay , here is how to print sms from china phone which is sometimes called by local phone . This method can be used for them as follows :

1 . To print Received SMS ( Inbox )
2 . To print Sent  SMS ( Sent Box )
3 . To print SMS Concept ( Draft Box )

Received SMS, Sent SMS and Drafts SMS all the three can be documented ( backed up ) on the laptop / computer or printed out at once to put on file should an important official letter or memo using china phone . Of course not all china mobile phone can , the other way , not all non china phone can not. And the characteristics of China mobilephone can to do it has a
default folder is " Message Export " .Message Export is a folder that can be seen in settings file , either in memory hp ( internal ) or on a memory card (external ) . This folder as a place to accommodate ( to back up ) all SMS exported ( moved ) to this folder . In additions, the SMS is already exported can be moved to the folder " Ebook " if you want to read with a little graceful appearance .Then how to print the SMS ?
The trick is as follows :

1 . Go to SMS
2 . Choose Received or Sent or Concept SMS
3 . Select Options
4 . Mark the desired SMS ( can be one or some or all of )
5 . Select Options
6 . Select Export SMS
7 . Select to phone or to card
8 . Finish ( moving SMS to folder Message Export ) . then
9 . Open the File Settings Menu
10 . Select Message Export
11 . Select Options
12 . Mark SMS that has been exported
13 . Select Options
14 . Select Send
15 . Select the Bluetooth
16 . Select the Bluetooth name on your Laptop / Computer
17 . Finish ( transfering SMS to laptop ) . then
18 . Open the folder on the laptop that is used to store the file submission via bluetoth
19 . Open the text message that was already formatted " txt " , edit , modif , copy-paste , etc. . ( Depending on taste )
20 . Print
21 . Completed

Note :For those who want to use the Data Cable or Card Reader , ignoring the ways number 11 to 18 but go straight to the Message Export , etc. then Print .That sharing of KM admin for you , hopefully it's useful . Okay , see you later. Insha Allah .