Hi Guys, bloggers , visitors and all this blog lovers wherever you are,
Is including a natural thing if a host gives little limiting to guests. So that admin as host in this blog is reasonable when applying the Terms Of Service ( TOS ) to visitors who came just to browse or read or comment even copy and paste this blog post .
Therefore TOS are appropriate , then the admin here will expose them one by one ;

1 . For visitors who just want to browse or read content on this blog , admin sincerely invite for 24 hours straight without any provision.
2 . For visitors who wish to comment , is also very welcome but with provisions , including :
- Comments should be polite language .
- Comments should use English language .
- Comments should be brief , concise, and straightforward
- Comments are prohibited from using spam .
- Comments prohibited contain elements of violence , pornography , insults and abuse that can harm others .
- Comments are considered in accordance with the TOS here it will not be published .
3 . For visitors who want to copy and paste an existing post on this blog , is pleased to invite the admin as well as the following requirements :
- Postings that are copy and paste into your blog / website / other media must include a link this blog or posting a link , whether an active link or not .
- Postings that are copy and paste into your blog / website / other media is not more than 3 posts of all labels / categories on one blog / website / media .
- Postings that copy and paste is not to be published no Terms and Conditions / not yet.
4 . For blogger / site owners who want to exchange links , please write a blog link / website in the comment box or write via email / sms to the admin contact number / address.

Those are the TOS on this blog . Thank you for visiting and see you on another occasion .


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