Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 Ways To Overcome The Slow Surf In BlackBerry

Hi Guys, on this occasion , the admin re- share a post with the label " How To " with the title :


There are 10 ways to cope with the problem of slow surf on blackberry ( BB) which will be shared on this occasion. These methods can be applied one of them or all of them depend on a kinds of bad surf connection problems.

Yes, for you who are experiencing, it could not hurt to try the ways below. But for you who have been knowing the ways, share in the comments is also not refuse. Okay, let's go the ways!

1. Clear the cache on your browser

Menu> Options> Cache Operations> Clear Menu> or Settings> Personal> Delete Cookies.

2. Clear data usage
Menu> Help> Data Usage> Reset. ( resetting the data usage can lead to lost passwords in memory browser but not on the account. In other words, the data include our passwords still remain intact but we have to re-type the password when we want to log in again because it had been reset. 

3. Force loading
When loading a page so slow, press and hold the "sym" which located on the right of the space bar.

4. Clean the Event Log
In normal conditions the origin of the screen, press the "alt" while press LGLG> click menu> clear the Event Log

5. Close / Exit Browser
When loading too long and getting tired of waiting, click menu> exit / close. After a moment, open it again.

6. Turn off all connections
On the home screen or in a folder, select "Manage Connections"> Turn off all connections. About 5 seconds later turn it on again (Restore connection).

7. Change the Network Mode
On the home screen, possibly in another folder, select "Options"> Mobile Network > Network Mode; switch to 2G> Network Mode Choices; switch to manual > or inversely (
while Roaming and Data services remain "Live". 

8. Use light browser
The browser also determine the speed of the internet connection. So that, choose the type of browser that supports to your BlackBerry type and low capacity.

9. Change Package
Internet service package of mobile operators also need to be considered. To just try, no harm if you 
register daily package first. 

10. Choose a time
Usually the rush hour of internet connection on most people relaxed. So around 6 pm to 10 pm, not infrequently the connection interruption will come because so many peoples use the internet simultaneously. At this hour we should not load heavy pages or by turning off the image to load fast .

That is sharing of the admin , may be helpful . And , see you later. Insha Allah .



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