Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 Problems Found On BB And How To Solve Them

Hi Guys, on this auspicious occasion, the admin come back again to share a post with the label "How To" with the title:


(To be implemented on smart phones BlackBerry (BB) 9000 or equivalent)

1. Camera Not Working

BB camera will not function if there are some applications opened simultaneously, or because of the large files that are opened by zooming
which the two of them require the sufficient memory availability. And if memory availability can not be sufficient, then the camera will not function as properly.

To restore the function of the camera can be tried by restarting the smart phone by pressing: alt + right shift + del simultaneously or disconnecting the battery for a temporary time.

2. Can not Receive Files Via Bluetooth

If the BlackBerry smart phones can not receive files via bluetooth or this device can not be detected, the first possibility is caused the Media Application not ready to accept the shipping of file because it has not activated. And the second possibility, namely because there are too many bluetooth devices are attached to that smart phone.

While to activate it, select Media or picture
on the home screen or in a different folder, > Press Menu> Select Receive By Buetooth> Let the message "File Transfer Waiting for Connection" until the files are sent and follow the next message.

Then, to remove
bluetooth devices, select Manage Connections (on the home screen or in another folder)> Select  Buetooth Option (after Buetooth activated)> Remove unneeded devices. completed

3. Event Log Stubborn

Event Log stubborn can happen when we browse the internet using a heavy
browser performance. As a result, slow loading, BB heat up quickly, and the hourglass icon appears. To overcome that problems are removing the Event Log by clicking the "alt + LGLG" and then press "Menu" and select "Clear Log".

But if it is not giving results or still always appear Cache / Warning in Event Log, even restarted by removing the battery was already done, then you should immediately to do the following manner in order that BB was not hot and browsing
back to normal again. Okay, the manners are likes below:

Wait until the hourglass icon is missing> Close bowser> Clear Event Log as way over the top. After that, open another browser> Select Menu> Select Stop> Reselect Menu> Select Options> Select> Cache Operations> Clear History, Cache Content, Content Push Cookies and Cache. Done.

If the cache still always appears, then clean the memory by: Select Option (on the main screen or in another folder)> Memory> Menu> Repair> Yes. completed

4. BB
Heats Improper

In addition to the problems mentioned above, sometimes the
BB Heats Improper. Finally, we become sad or frantic although only a moment. This problem can happen accidentally or because we're wanting a good signal in our place so that we change the mode 2G to 3G.

By fiddling with that mode can cause
BB Heats Improper and the battery can be drained although unused. Actually the battery is drained it is unused, but actually, the smart phone uses the energy of battery to always get a weak 3G signal at our place. That needs so much of energy and makes heat  BB Battery. To restore the hot BB should do the following:

On the home screen or in a different folder, select Manage Connections> Select Mobile Network Options> Change the Network Mode to 2G> Close / Done.

5. Can not surf without BIS

To activate the surfing on a BlackBerry without Blacberry Internet Service (BIS) should enable another surfing package first. Because if not, then we will be subject to the normal internet rates. Package apart BIS is different depending on the mobile operator to provide, but here will be reviewed on a regular surfing package using the BB default browser.

This package is relatively cheap because of its facilities is only limited to browsing. No chating, No BBM, No Social Networking. It's suitable for  whom likes browsing only or whom are not payday yet?! Okay, to be able to surf without BIS, please read the following:

On the home screen or in a different folder, select Browser (default Browser)> Select Options> Select Browser Configuration> Change Internet Browser Wap providers> home page address: replace to the address of the service provider's site (according to the SIM card used) Save.
Then on the General Properties (
below of Browser configuration)> Change the Default Browser to Internet Browser Wap Provider (according to the card used).

That's sharing of admin for KM blog lovers, may be helpful .Oke, see you later. Insha Allah.



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