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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How To Make Emergency Lights Powered By Laptop

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Emergency lights or emergency lamp was often needed when electric power was failure or when you want to find something in the dark. This lamp types and brands already circulating in the market from small to large and from cheap to expensive. The marketing system was also assortment from beeing displayed in the window electronics store until being peddled door to door and from paying by installments until to cash.

That indicates that the emergency lamp is very important to be owned in each house at least one lights for used in emergencies. But what if the one lamp that we own turned out to be broken and has not had time yet to buy a new one? Or existing new but broken lamp still unemployed?

Okay, while searching for answers to the above questions, here the admin will share how to make the emergency light that really emergency but very useful especially when a sudden electric power failure and no generator or alternative of electric power source. While the existing emergency lights were low battery and intractable to be charged. While one new lamp would be brought our children to learning group. Fortunately laptop battery power indication with 77% remaining. Wow!

Facing such that situation, while the work being piled up, we may not dissolve in aggravation and despair. But it would be nice if we apply the method to make emergency light powered by laptop as will be described later.

Before making a circuit lamp, materials to be prepared include:
. Broken emergency lights (so long as LED lights still good)
. Screwdriver (size appropriate casing bolts of lamp)
. USB socket ex-mobile phone charger or unused data cable

And among term used as shown in this picture:

Then,  do as following:
1. Remove the screws on the lamp casing
2. Open the casing carefully
3. Find both minus and plus cables are connected to the feet of LED lights and ignore the other cables
4. Take USB socket, ex-mobile phone charger following the wire then cut the end part (cut the socket to mobile phone)
5. Connect the black wire on the USB to the minus cable or foot of LED lamp, while the red wire to the plus cableor foot  of LED
6. Ignore the green and yellow wires of the USB cable
7. Arrange the wire connection in order to avoid short circuit
8. Close the casing emergency lamp and replace the screw-bolt
9. Connect the socket USB into the USB port of a laptop
10. Done

Okay, enjoy the brightness of emergency lamp using laptop power. And survived to continue the work.

. To freshen up a connection of circuit, should we use solder (when electric power is on)
. To save battery power of laptop, should we use LED lights at sufficiently (do not connect all of them or try to use the appropriate resistor)
. LED lights that may remain, can be used as a second emergency lights etc., are arranged in parallel
. For about casing of second emergency light etc., can be modified depend on desire
. To switch on emergency lamp can also use the power bank or mobile battery or digital camera battery or 2 batteries of clock / remote arranged in series, or other batteries with has power between 3 to 4 volts (appropriate to the amount and voltage of LED lights are used ).

That sharing of admin to buddy-buddy KM everything, may be helpful. Okay, thank you and see you at another time. Insha Allah.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

How To Find Files In Computer Quickly

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( For applying to Computer , Laptop , Notebook, or PC OS Windows 7 and similar )

Maybe you ever confused to find document files that saved on the computer before, while the file is needed immediately. To look it at various folders , no found. To type it again , eventually . To  find the physical file , too hard . So what's the solution ?
Okay , for you that is going through a state as described above , it is better if you read the below.

To find the new opened document;
1. Click Start
2. Highlight Microsoft Word or click Triangle Sign
3. Discover the document title ( in the right bar )
4. Highlight the title to find out the location of the file is stored . Or ...
5. Click to open it directly
6. Completed

To find the old document;
1. Click Start
2. Click the Document ( in the right bar ) if the file is stored in plain Local Disk C. Or ....
3. Click on My Computer if documents are stored in plain the Local Disk D
4. Click the Search tab ( in the upper right corner)
5. Type the name of the document title ( fuller title is sooner found )
6. Wait for the automated search process
7. Right click > properties > ff . to know the location of the file is stored .
8. 2x left click to open it directly
9. Completed

To find other document files ;
1. Click Start
2. Click on My Computer
3. Click Search Tab
4. Type the title name or format , eg mp3 or mp4 or 3gp or avi etc. .
5. Wait for the automated search process is completed
6. Click to open
7. Completed

That is sharing of the admin , may be helpful . And , see you later. Insha Allah .

Friday, January 17, 2014

How To Print SMS From China Phone

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Do you ever think to document the important sms that you received from important person ?Do you ever think to document sms text it self which has important value for you ? Do you ever think to make a note on the phone and want to print it? Do you ever thought in mind to back up sms very unfortunate if deleted ?

If any of the questions above answered Yes , it would be nice if this simple post continues to be read may be it can answer the questions that had occurred earlier . But if all of these questions was answered No, then bring me word about this to those who happen to answer Yes too .Okay , here is how to print sms from china phone which is sometimes called by local phone . This method can be used for them as follows :

1 . To print Received SMS ( Inbox )
2 . To print Sent  SMS ( Sent Box )
3 . To print SMS Concept ( Draft Box )

Received SMS, Sent SMS and Drafts SMS all the three can be documented ( backed up ) on the laptop / computer or printed out at once to put on file should an important official letter or memo using china phone . Of course not all china mobile phone can , the other way , not all non china phone can not. And the characteristics of China mobilephone can to do it has a
default folder is " Message Export " .Message Export is a folder that can be seen in settings file , either in memory hp ( internal ) or on a memory card (external ) . This folder as a place to accommodate ( to back up ) all SMS exported ( moved ) to this folder . In additions, the SMS is already exported can be moved to the folder " Ebook " if you want to read with a little graceful appearance .Then how to print the SMS ?
The trick is as follows :

1 . Go to SMS
2 . Choose Received or Sent or Concept SMS
3 . Select Options
4 . Mark the desired SMS ( can be one or some or all of )
5 . Select Options
6 . Select Export SMS
7 . Select to phone or to card
8 . Finish ( moving SMS to folder Message Export ) . then
9 . Open the File Settings Menu
10 . Select Message Export
11 . Select Options
12 . Mark SMS that has been exported
13 . Select Options
14 . Select Send
15 . Select the Bluetooth
16 . Select the Bluetooth name on your Laptop / Computer
17 . Finish ( transfering SMS to laptop ) . then
18 . Open the folder on the laptop that is used to store the file submission via bluetoth
19 . Open the text message that was already formatted " txt " , edit , modif , copy-paste , etc. . ( Depending on taste )
20 . Print
21 . Completed

Note :For those who want to use the Data Cable or Card Reader , ignoring the ways number 11 to 18 but go straight to the Message Export , etc. then Print .That sharing of KM admin for you , hopefully it's useful . Okay , see you later. Insha Allah .

How To Scan And Format Mobile Memory Card

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This method is a follow up of how to resolve any problems of mobile phone memory card ( external memory ) but most  among the sequence way below can also be used to resolve the other memories or flash disk . And this is only to be applied by using a laptop / pc / a certain kind . Okay , here's how to scan and format phone memory ( external ) micro sd . 

To scan , follow the sequence of the way as the following ;

1 . Remove the external memory of mobile phone
2 . Enter into a card reader
3 . Plug the card reader into your laptop / pc
4 . Click start on laptop / pc screen
5 . Choose my computer 
6 . Right click someone name ( G ) 
7 . Select scan
8 . Tick someone name 
9 . Click scan
10 . Wait for the process 
11 . Exit 
12 . Completed

And to format , follow the sequence of the way as the following ;

1 . Follow steps 1-6 above , then 
2 . Choose the format
3 . Tick ​​quick format 
4 . Click on start
5 . Wait for the process
6 . Done .

Then to scan or reformat flash , plug the USB flash disk into the laptop / PC / computer , and follow all of the sequences above except the series of  numbers 1 and 2 on the way to scan .

's a sharing of the admin , may be helpful . Okay , thank you for visiting this blog , and see you at another time .

How To Send File Between Laptop And Mobile Phone Via Bluetooth

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This way to send files from mobile phone / cell phone / hand phone to laptop  on the contrary, by using the default laptop bluetooth. 

❶ . To send files from the phone to the laptop , do the following : 
1 . Click the bluetooth icon on the laptop 
2 . Click ' receive files ' so that it appears a window ' waiting for transferring files ' 
3 . Click ' browse ' to select the folder where a received file will be saved
4 . Send files ( from hp ) desired to name a laptop bluetooth 
5 . Wait until the process is complete
6 . Click Finish after delivery marks completion 
7 . See the files in the selected folder in the ' browse ' before 

Constraint fails 
1 . The device is not paired yet
2 . ' Waiting for transferring files ' was too long 
3 . In the second delivery and so on . did not click ' received files ' yet

1 . The bluetooth device must be paired first 
2 . When pops up ' waiting for transferring files '' is displayed , the file must be sent 
3 . After the first delivery , bluetooth window should be closed and opened again for the second delivery and so on . in the same way as the first shipment . 

❷ . To send files from the laptop to the hp , do the following :
1 . Unlock bluetooth device in phone
2 . Click the bluetooth icon on the laptop 
3 . Click on the 'send file '
4 . Click the bluetooth name of phone
5 . Click ' next ' to continue
6 . Click ' browse ' to the file would be sent prefers
7 . Click ' Open ' to ensure the file will be sent
8 . Click ' next ' to continue
9 . Wait until the process is complete
10 . Click finish to finish shipping 
11 . See the files in the folder ' received files ' or ' received files ' 

Constraint fails
1 . Bluetooth devices have not been paired 
2 . Bluetooth in hp is not active
3 . Bluetooth in hp is not visible
4 . Mobile storage file has not been modified in memory card ( external )

1 . The device must be paired bluetooth
2 . Bluetooth devices should really be active so there is blootooth icon
3 . Look at the bluetooth setting whether visible ( visible ) or not
4 . Look at the bluetooth setting whether the storage on the phone or on the memory card . This is possible because the capacity of the phone memory ( internal ) sometime limited.

Then, how to send file between Mobile Phone and BlackBerry please click here.
That's sharing of admin for you . Okay, hopefully It's useful and see you at another time . Bye Bye .