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Greetings And Welcome to E-Kios Madinah Blog
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This blog is a small image of  a stall named Kios Madinah , one stall selling books , stationery etc. . also receive photo printing , making animations etc. Its  located at Jl . A. Yani RT 08 RW 03 Kintap Tanah Laut South Kalimantan Zip Code
70 883 . This blog comes online to provide information and resources to customers and visitors who want to know the price of goods sold in Kios Madinah easily , quickly , and up to date through the internet which can be accessed any time . Price update will be published every month , on the first week , God willing .

As the motto of this blog , "
Working Creatively And Sharing Proportionately " , then this blog will constantly update posts as sharing way from admin. The posts be intended with
the  labels / categories include  below and others.

1 . How To
Posts with label " How To " containing posts that lead to tutorials on using modern digital tools such as mobile, cell phone , hand phone (HP),  laptops , computers , and other tools and even softwares that has more or less the admin knows .
With the existence of sharing like this, admin wants to be able to provide something was needed and sought by visitors. On the contrary, admin also accept the sharing of  you all about what the admin doesn’t know yet by comments posting. In the end , admin hoping a means of sharing like this way will be able to assist the implementation of  our tasks and our business easily and smoothly .

2 . Animations
Posts with the label "Animations" will display animations become favorite choice in blog of Kios Madinah 2 (Indonesian version). Animations here will be loaded with multiple resolution in one title, so that visitors can choose in accordance with a resolution of  their mobile phone. And most importantly, animations on this blog can be saved / downloaded for free by anyone, anytime, wherever he is.
But for animation photo and name can only be ordered in a special way. For visitors who would like to book animation name and photo, please read the ordering procedures in "How to Order Animation".

And to add to the camaraderie among bloggers / website owners , this blog also accepts while offering a link exchange . It also aims to mutually enhance the quality or page rank of each blog / website .

Here's a little about E-Kios Madinah that you are visiting . If you find mistake(s) in this blog, moreover at the language text, I am so sorry because I am not a Britisher. Okay. Thank you for coming by this blog and see you on another occasion .


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